Optimum Series Universal Pump Sleeve

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Need an extra sleeve for your universal penis pump? Look no further. This Optimum Series Universal Pump Sleeve will help you create a comfortable and fulfilling pump session every time! With soft and stretchy materials that warms to body temperatures quickly and provides tight suction seal to increase your erection potential. This Optimum Series Universal Pump Sleeve fits over the base of your pump’s cylinder and provides a cushion between your intimate places and the pumps acrylic tube. The Optimum Series Universal Pump Sleeve is made of TPR materials which are body-safe and Phthalates free to keep even the most sensitive skin types irritation free. You can continue your hot pumping session in the bath or shower as this Optimum Series Universal Pump Sleeve is fully waterproof. It is travel ready easily packs up to take with you on your travel where ever your naughty desires lead you. Always keep water based lubricants handy while indulging with Optimum Series Universal Pump Sleeve. Lubricants enhance solo play sessions, daily pumping sessions and even intimate couples massages. Special Features:● Donut sleeve for pumps● Stretchy● Universal size● Softest TPR materials● Phthalates free● Waterproof● Creates air tight chamber● Made to travel● DiscreetSpecifications:Color: ClearDimensions: 1.5” length, 3” width Materials: Thermoplastic RubberManufacturer: California Exotics Novelties


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