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16.09lb Real Life Sex Doll Torso with Sucking and Vibration Mag


$239.99 $299.99
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Mag torso sex doll has really strong suction, nice texturing on the inside and is very stretchy. The different vibration modes feel great when in use and bring you to climax quite easily. Cleaning is easy as it is simple to discharge water from the drainage tube. The breast and ass are so soft and great to squeeze while you spend time with her. The tunnels are beaded, soft, and grip tight.

•Automatic sucking and vibrating sex dolls for men masturbation.
•Free your hands: Remote control. One click can activate the functions of vaginal vibration and sucking. Here is no need to download the APP. We respect the privacy of guests very much. It only needs a remote control to operate (included). The vagina has the function of sucking / exhausting / vibrating,with 5 sucking and 5 vibration frequencies. The sucking and vibration amplitude of the anus will be relatively weak.
•It has a strong inner structure so it keeps its shape quite nicely because. The spine does add a lot off stiffness to it. The metal spin is capable of absorbing heavy impacts over time without deforming.
•This doll is very well detailed and realistic looking. The textures added make it even more lifelike. The material is soft to realistic feeling. You will see the colors make it look real. It's heavy enough so as not to move too much when in use but not to heavy to allow for hands on action. Its weight and size is just right for stability and storage.
•This silicone masturabation toy has two realistic channels. Both entrances are tight, textured, comforting and provide more than enough length and varying texture.You can use it in several positions and it is easy to transport or hide. With the weight of it you could set it down and use it without it moving.
•The packaging is discreet. Unmarked sealed box with a lot of secure and protective packaging, so this toy for men won't get damaged nor can anyone tell what is inside by shaking it. Renewing powder to keep skin real feeling and looking. Because the holes are both closed at the end, be sure to flush it out thoroughly - a reusable douche wand can help with that.

How to clean:
1. Turn on the faucet and flush the vagina channel;
2. Make the first frequency function of the sucking on for draining the water from the drainage tube (Transparent Color);
3. Use a brush sponge with mild soap to gently scrub the hole walls for deep cleaning;
4. Insert a cloth (tampons) in the holes to absorb the humidity left.

*The product cannot be washed directly in water;
*Seal the air releasing tube (Skin Color) before cleaning to prevent water from entering the air releasing tube;
*Keep the charging port away from water.

Care & Maintenance
1. Water-based lubricant is the most recommended and safest lubricant to use;
2. Watch out for sharp things like jacket zips, long fingernails, jewellery etc. as they can damage TPE;
3. Avoid stretching the joints too far/long periods as this can cause tearing;
4. Avoid tight clothing for extended periods as it can cause creases;
5. Avoid direct sunlight on the skin for long periods as it may cause fading;
6. Use light and neutral colored clothes to avoid staining the doll, so always wash your new clothes to check before wear.

Product size: 17.32x10.23x7.08”
Material: TPR

16.09lb Real Life Sex Doll Torso with Sucking and Vibration Mag
$239.99 $299.99

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